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All About Homestay is a network of like-minded families who want to share their lifestyle with an international student to create lifelong memories.​

For Students and Host Families

All About Homestay provides student and academic accommodation in Australian family homes that are located in safe and respectable neighbourhoods, allowing students to access public transport for travel to their educational institution of choice. Our host family homes are within 1 hour of Sydney’s TAFE Colleges, Universities, high schools and language centres.

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What we do

As a guest with an All About Homestay host family, your safety and welfare are All About Homestay’s primary concern. You will receive help and protection with the host family, you will learn about Australia, Australian Culture and Customs, and you will have a unique opportunity to improve your spoken English.

We specialise in providing student accommodation close to Universities in Sydney, particularly Macquarie University, Western Sydney University (WSU), the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and University of Sydney. If you are considering homestay as an accommodation option, apply online now.

Guests who choose Homestay have many exciting adventures during their stay and return home with fond memories of their host family, new friends and Australia!

Watch the video to hear from our founder, Tina Brown, to learn more about All About Homestay.

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Hosting Students Since 1987

The original and best provider of homestay services

Homestay Network Pty Ltd is the original homestay company in Australia since 1987. In 2023 we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new brand called ‘All About Homestay’ under the same Homestay Network brand. We look forward to providing continued outstanding service to both our international guests and hosts alike.

All About Homestay is our premier brand and provider of homestay accommodation for local, national and international students within friendly Australian family environments since 1987. 

We strive to understand the needs of the individual. Our customers receive the highest quality family-based accommodation, allowing them the opportunity to enhance their English language skills and excel at school.

Safety is our priority

The original and best provider of homestay services

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Why Choose All About Homestay

The original and best provider of homestay services.

All About Homestay has over 30 years of experience in student accommodation and support services. We are abreast of the industry trends, students’ needs and parents’ expectations. We have aligned our business to meet these needs. We stay informed about industry standards and the National Code within the ESOS framework. All About Homestay focuses on students aged under 18, private schools, Universities and language schools. We give our hosts real-time support and training. Unlike other homestay companies, our students can reach the Director 24×7 on the emergency mobile, this support is not outsourced to a help desk. This results in students receiving support when they need it from the owner of the business, who can make quick decisions and effect immediate change if required. Many parents overseas find this reassuring as their children are so far from home. The most important part of our business is our ‘Network’ of hosts, which form All About Homestay. We work closely with our hosts to ensure that the students receive the best possible care in the most suitable families.

Stay With us

The original and best provider of homestay services

We have many valued parternships with agents both overseas and in Australia. We have formal agreements in place with the Universities and schools and provide accommodation for under 18’s. We also deliver study tours and sightseeing groups up to 600 pax at one time across the Sydney area. If you would like to enquire about working with us, please email: for Study tours for single student placements of any age

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Some of Our Happy Clients

Cultural Diversity

Australia has a unique history that has shaped the diversity of its peoples, their cultures and lifestyles today. Three major contributors to Australia’s demographic makeup are a diverse Indigenous population, a British colonial past and extensive immigration from many different countries and cultures. 

Under 18 Carers

All About Homestay specialises in the care of Under 18’s. Students aged under 18 years of age on arrival will require a host who can offer a “carer” role in lieu of their parents whilst studying in Australia. We have a large number of hosts who can provide this service across our network.


All About Homestay has been coordinating study tours from across the globe for over 35 years. Students stay for as little as 2 nights up to 4 weeks or more. Typically, study tour groups visit Australia to combine their study needs with a homestay experience. 

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