Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Homestay Applications

To provide Homestay Services (the Services) All About Homestay (ABN 63 134 266 890) and You, identified in Your “Homestay Application Form” (the Form), agree:

1. Definitions:

  • Airport Pick-up means transport from your arrival airport (typically Sydney International Airport, known as T1 or Terminal 1) to your host family’s home by HSN’s nominated driver and transport service
  • Accommodation Fee means all fees associated with Your weekly Homestay
  • Education Provider means the Language School, College, School or University you are attending during your Homestay
  • Form means the Student Application available for submission through the Website or the “Homestay Application” form available for downloading from the Website
  • Homestay means the services offered by Us
  • Host means the family environment where we place you for your stay.
  • All About Homestay, We, Us, Our means All About Homestay, ABN 63 134 266 890
  • Meeting Point means a place nominated by All About Homestay where the All About Homestay nominated driver and transport service will be waiting for you.

For clarity, the Meeting Point will be within the public areas of the airport terminal on the arrivals level of the airport.

For example, at an international terminal the Meeting Point will be after you exit Customs; and for a domestic terminal, the Meeting Point will be near the baggage claim.

  • Payment means the total of all fees for the services You have requested from Us
  • Website means www.allabouthomestay.com.au
  • You, Your means the person identified in the “About you…” section of the “Student Application” submitted through this Website or the “About you” section of the “Homestay Application” form available for downloading from this Website and sent by fax, post or email. You also means Your education agent. You also means your parent(s) or guardian(s)

Effective Date

2. The effective date of this Agreement is the date of You submit the Form.

You Agree

3. By submitting the Form, You agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Warranties, Indemnities and Insurances

4. Information provided by You in the Form is true and accurate.

5. Minimum age for Homestay using the Form is 15 years of age.

6. You are over 15 years old.

7. If You are younger than 18 years old, You have the approval of Your parent(s) or guardian(s) in your country of residence to request Homestay from All About Homestay.

8. You will have sufficient health insurance coverage for medical, dental and other health-related services you may need while in Australia

9. You will have adequate insurance coverage for loss, damage and theft of your belongings while You are in Australia

10. Your insurance policy at 9. includes Public Liability insurance to cover accidents and damages caused by You

11. You warrant that you have taken out insurances as set out in 8, 9 and 10.

12. You indemnify Us and the Providers We use to deliver Homestay to You for any and all costs associated with, but not limited to, any of the following:

  • provision of medical, dental and other health-related services You need while in Australia
  • loss, damage and/theft of Your belongings whether with you, in transit or left at providers of Homestay we may use from time to time, such as but not limited to:
  • luggage;
  • clothing;
  • computing equipment, including but not limited to;
    • laptops;
    • tablet computers;
    • smartphone; or,
    • accessories.
  • portable music player or accessories
  • loss, damage, theft of other people’s property caused by You; or,
  • damage, accidents and/harm caused by You whether accidental or through Your negligence

Processing of Your Application

13. All About Homestay will use this information in the Form for the sole purpose of providing Homestay to You

14. Applications will be processed when All About Homestay receives:

  • Your Form;
  • Payment, including:
    • Placement Fee;
    • First four (4) weeks Accommodation Fees;
    • Bank and Credit Card surcharge if applicable and,
    • Airport Transfer and Guardianship Fees, if applicable

15. No refund of placement fee will be made after work has begun on Your Form, for clarity, this will be when We receive Your Form.

16. All About Homestay must be advised in writing of any changes to the requirements You may have at the time an application is lodged. Additional Fees may be charged for any subsequent change in requirement after an application is lodged.


17. If You cancel within seven (7) days of Your arrival; You will be charged two (2) weeks Accommodation Fee (less any surcharge(s), (if applicable).

18. You will receive a full refund of the Accommodation Fee (less any surcharge(s), if applicable) will be given if a booking is cancelled seven (7) or more days before arrival.

19. If You do not arrive as scheduled without notice You will forfeit all fees paid and no refund of fees will be made.

20. If You book an Airport Pick-up All About Homestay will advise You of the Meeting Point where you will be meet by All About Homestay’s driver for your Airport Pick-up.

21. If you fail to meet All About Homestay’s driver at the Meeting Point within 1 hour of your flight’s actual arrival or You leave the terminal without meeting All About Homestay’s driver at the Meeting Point Your Airport Pick-up fee will be forfeited and not refunded.

22. If You wish to view homes for approval, You will be offered one home to visit. If you visit the home and it proves unsatisfactory a second home will be provided. If You do not make an appointment or keep the appointment nor contact All About Homestay after the visit, You will not be provided with an additional home.

Changes to Homestay after Arrival

23. If You change Homestay for circumstances beyond Your control, You will receive a second placement free of charge (for example – Host has to travel for work, a Family member becomes ill, room is no longer available as a relative has to live there, etc.), this is at the sole discretion of All About Homestay. If You wish to change homestay outside of these reasons You will be charged a second placement fee.

24. If You book Homestay but stay less than four (4) weeks no refund will be given.

25. Where You would like to vacate or change Homestay, You must give 2 weeks written notice to All About Homestay and the Host. Your notice to vacate or change Homestay takes effect after your initial 4 week period of Homestay.   You must give two (2) weeks notice or pay two (2) weeks fee instead of notice.

26. If You wish to return home or take a holiday for 14 nights or longer and wish to retain Your homestay for your return and/or leave some or all of Your belongings with Your Host, You must:

  1. Seek the express written permission of Your Education Provider
  2. Advise your Host at least 2 weeks before You wish to take the break.
  3. Send Us a copy of your written permission from Your Education Provider
  4. Pay the Host 50% of the Accommodation Fees that You would have paid had You stayed with the Host over that same period.

27. Your Host must also give you two (2) weeks notice if they wish you to leave.

28. UNSW Students must reside in the Homestay until their 18th birthday or complete a “Move Request” with a UNSW Student Advisor.


29.  All About Homestay reserves the right to terminate a students accommodation should they pose a safety risk to themselves or the host family members.

Payment of Fees

30. All fees are paid four (4) weeks (28 days – NOT a calendar month) in advance on the first day of each new 4 week period.

Set off

31. All About Homestay may deduct and set off from any monies due and payable to You from All About Homestay, any money due from You to All About Homestay, or paid by All About Homestay on Your behalf, including any costs, losses or expenses incurred by All About Homestay as a result of termination of Homestay. This right of set off is without prejudice to or in limitation of any other remedies of All About Homestay.

Accept or reject your Application

32. All About Homestay reserves the right to accept or reject Your Form without cause or reason.

Revision of these Terms and Conditions

33. All About Homestay reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time, and with no notice, by placing the revised Terms and Conditions on this website.


34. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia. Le